Proud Moment for GBians.

Proud Moment for GBians.

Proud moment for GBians.

by Siddhartha Garoo


NLI soldiers of Pakistan army or for that matter most of foot soldiers of any national army are honest in their loyalty for the flag of the nation that they carry….they are untainted by the dirty, filthy and corrupt politics played by the civilian politicians, bureaucrats and others…….

NLI soldiers have done their duty without bothering about the crown politics that was played and has still been playing by powerful international players in their region, since 1948……their devotion is a testimony of the loyalty of the people of GB for whoever’s flag NLI carries and for that they earn my great respect…..NLI is the most decorated regiment of a nation that has unfortunately not reciprocated them with the same gesture and that is a sad tragedy …….regardless, NLI is a pride of Gilgit Baltistan……

It is a great honor for the scouts of NLI to have welcomed escorted Iranian President on his visit to Pakistan …. as perhaps the only Shia dominated regiment of Pakistan army ( by default ), it was a good decision to have selected NLI for the purpose of welcoming Iranian president…any other country would have also done the same….it would indeed be an honor for many NLI soldiers to have personally escorted President of Iran……….

Setting aside dirty local, Kashmir and international politics….it is a really proud moment for Gilgit Baltistan

Proud Moment for GBians.

Proud Moment for GBians.

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