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Image: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Image: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Hundred of anger protesters belongs to Yarkhun Lasht valley recorded their protest against the district administration as well as provincial government. A public meeting under the chair of Rahmat Wali member district council union council Broghul, Yarkhun was held at Yarkhun Lasht valley. The speakers said that this valley was firstly affected by tremendous flood in July to Sept 2015 and later on was shacked by heavy earthquake on Oct 26 , 2015 but no survey team visited this area nor these people were compensated.

They said that they time and again submitted applications to Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner who assured them that Tehsildar will visit this area but Nooruddin Tehsildar refused to came in the valley for assessment.

They said a woman was died here two days back due to no health facility and no road. as well as two precious lives were also lost at Broghul valley to blockage of main road after heavy snowfall since Nov 15 and
no hospital in Broghul valley. Ameen Jan Tajik Nazim village council Broghul said that hundred of cattle including Yaks, Ox, goats, sheep were died due to shortage of food and blocking of main road. Customers could not reached from Gilgit Baltistan to purchase these yak and cattle from Broghul people and they were died by hunger.
The speakers said that there is no road to the valley and they purchase one kilogram of sugar @ 120 rupees which is selling at Rs 65 at Chitral town similarly they are compelled to purchase a bag of cement @ 1050 which is selling @ 480 at Peshawar.

They said that the government and district admin ignoring them continuously and these people are still living of stone age.

There is no hospital, no high school, no veterinary center , no telephone or any communication network, no college in the valley even there is no primary school for girls. and their daughters are reading with boys under co education.
Syed Sardar Hussain Member Provincial Assembly of KP said that Communication and Works (C&W) department released a fund of 160 million to a construction company but they not repaired the road and he demanded for conducting of inquiry in this regard.
Addressing to the public cum protester gathering the speakers said that there is no electricity in the whole valley except mini hydro power houses by NGOs.

They demanded from Federal, Provincial government as well as district government for early construction of their main road, establishment of Girls and boys colleges, Opening of Utility Store, Basic Health Unit, provision of electricity and installing of telephone service to connect this backward and remote area with other parts of Chitral and country as well. They also demanded for conducting neutral inquiry in distributing of relief cheques of Prime Minister fund among the people which were issued to influential people by ignoring/depriving the real deserving and affected people.

Giving the dead line of 20 days they warned that if their genuine demands were not fulfilled they will came on roads once again with violence protest.

Those who spoke on the occasion were Rahmat Wali Nazim, Muhammad Wazir Ex Nazim, Zar Bahar PTI leader, Sardar Hussain MPA and others. A large number of people including women folk also attended the protest sit in and they were disbursed peacefully later on

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