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The supposedly depoliticized society of Hunza is on fire again to elect its new representative in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly to fill the seat vacated by Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan who moved on to become the governor of this rather marginalized or so called province of pakistan- it is sad to note that the electorate has started to evaluate candidates on the basis of their personality or supposed influence in the corridors of power but not on the basis of their ideas, intellect, courage and integrity.

i am saying this because i am tired of listening to the so called mantra of Hunza being a “highly literate” society.

if we were a literate society then where are the scholars, writers, philosophers, artists who are not only non-existent but if there are any then they have been consigned to the oblivion. instead what we are seeing is a strange mix of people who are running the show- they are either retired men without vision, or oversize oligarchs without much interest for brining about a meaningful change, or dangerous aristocrats interested in status quo or the frustrated lot who are neither willing to listen to others nor they have anything interesting to say. these elections are like the game of thorns where everybody will be fighting everybody to gain control of the entire thing.

Or like the tug of war where winner takes it all. in the process, the poor will suffer, our society will degenerate, our heritage and culture will be a victim, our values will be murdered, and above all there will be no space for ideas- as personality after personality will clash and fight and there will be enormous amounts of “emotional” energy out there.

Published in Passu Times English Dated 07 May, 2016

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