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GOJAL-HUNZA: By Zakir Rumi | The recent heavy rainfall in the northern area of Pakistan has led devastating impact on the socio-economic condition of the local people. For several days the region remains cut off from the entire country and still there are many villages where the roads are blocked and the locals have no access to food, medicines, water and electricity. In some villages the community themselves took initiates to clean the road and worked on the water channels to have access to water and food rather than waiting for government call.

In one of the village of District Hunza called Morkhun, a local resident name Hofiz Shoh took the initiative to make a turbine to lighten his home. This region was severely affected in 2014, 2015 and the recent flash flood has destroyed the power house and water channels. He told that the locals are deprived of electricity but we have the opportunity to generate small scale hydro power in our garden and along the stream side, so why should not avail the opportunity rather than waiting for some to help.
Furthermore he said that our fore father used to store wheat, which can sustain and feed for several months and years but the development and access to commodity has put us in risk. Even know it’s hard to find a family to have stock for one week this needs to be change and revive otherwise it will put us in trouble. People should learn to adopt with the changing and dynamics of environment.
From the past several years the climate of the region has been changed. People are experiencing new dynamics in weather patterns. Heavy rainfall, Glof, Flash flood and increased in intensity and duration of precipitation are a clear indication of climate change.
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Image | Zakir Rumi | Passu Times English

By Zakir Rumi | Passu Times English – 7 May, 2016

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  1. This is height of hypocracy, stupidity Two power plants with prodution capacity of 350 and 150 KVA are rusting in moorkhun village for the last 10 yeras. Wasting world bank fund of 20 million ruppies. Why you are not reporting on the same and exposing cruption and incompetency of AKRSP people who messed up those projects. Millions of dollars have been invested in that area without a single Penny out come.. hope passu time will stop such nonsence repoting and do some serious work…

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