BNSO new cabinet sworn in today

BNSO new cabinet sworn in; Gilgit

BNSO new cabinet sworn in today

BNSO new cabinet sworn in today

National integrity is entail to face the future challenges Quaid-e-Tehreek Nawaz Khan Naji Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO) unit Karakroram International University (KIU) has arranged an iftar party on the occasion of oath taking ceremony of newly elected cabinet, while senior members of BNF, BNLF and members of different zones of BNSO participated there. Speaking to the students on the occasion Quaid-e-Tehreek Nawaz Khan Naji said that the youth has had a key role for the betterment and development on any society. He further said that the devotion of new generation is necessary and entail to face the future challenges and youth should have to develop inter personal skills, we have to learn from our past and it’s time to be smart and vigilant we have been going through transitional period. Furthermore, Sayed Manzoor Hussain Shah central President BNF took oath from the newly elected cabinet and also expressed his views on the occasion, while members of BNLF, BNSO and BNY also expressed their enthusiastic views. BNF/BNLF/BNSO appriciated the efforts of students from KIU for their contribution in national cause and assured full support to develop and improve the trend of students towards struggle. Quaid e Tehreek Nawaz Khan Naji emphasize the youth to contribute their role with team work and to develop their skills for a better future with a healthy nation and He also briefed about the political mistakes in history and present of GB from which cooming generations should learn and aorrect the path towards the national destination. All participants showed their enthusiasm on the event and assured their trust on the genuine leadership.

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