Kondus Valley [District Ghanche] : by Nisar Ali | Passutimes

Kondus Valley: by Nisar Ali | Passutimes 
Kondus is a very beautiful village of district Ghanche, surrounded by lofty mountains. It is bounded with China from North side and India from Eastern side. It is far away 150 KMs from Skardu and 50 KMs from Khaplu with its population of approximately 5500 people.
It is located 9500 feet above the sea level. Some part of Siachen Glacier are also situated at Kondus valley, the beautiful view of Glaciers can be seen from Khorkondu (Kondus Muhalla). The people of this region are hospitable, cooperative and sociable.
hot spring
Hot Spring and Herbs:
Many unique herbs including Sabek Throan, Salajeet, Qarqam, Tiqta (local names) are found in this valley which are used for cerement of different diseases. Phultoq (local name ) is produced in the surrounding of hot spring that is used as white soda in local green tea that controls Blood Pressure. The water of hot spring, situated at Kondus valley is very effective to avoid entopic pregnancy, used for curement of dama and to reduce weight.  
Health Sector:
The people of Kondus are facing much difficulties due to lack of health facilities. Four casualties have been recorded in last few years due to unavailability of ambulances. One dispensary under control of PPHI and two under control of Marfie Foundation are functional but the two First Aid Post (FAP) under control of District Health Officer (DHO) Khaplu are closed down for many years", a health servant told this scribe on condition of anonymity. Coming from Khorkondo people including woman encircled the Lady Doctor of PPHI and requested her to check up their cheildren, she inspected some of their children on open road.
There is also 2MW power house that supply the electricity for Kondus region and surrounding of Thagas Tehsil as well.
Education syestem:
It is noted that there is only one High School and single Middle School and Eight Primary School in union council Kondus. The enrollment ratio of children in schools at primary level is 90% out of which almost 20 % avail the education at intermediate level.
Core Issues:
Non availability of communication system and dilapidated road are the measure problem of this region. In the reign of Internet and digital communication system the people of this backward area are unaware of telephone. The letter communication system are still alive at Kondus.
Khudus valley

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