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Wildlife Conservation and Social Development Organization [WCSDO] -Sakwar hands over the Rescued Markhor kid to Wildlife Department Gilgit.

A two and half month old female Markhor kid was rescued by a local Shepard when he found it sick alone at Skawar Nallah. He brought it to village and handed over to Mr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Chairman WCSDO-Sakwar and Mr. Ehsan Ali member WCSDO-Sakwar General Body (Vice President PMLN GB). Wildlife Department, WCS Gilgit were approached by the Chairman WCSDO-Sakwar and during a brief event at Boys School Sakwar the said Markhor kid was handed over by him to the Wildlife Department Gilgit authorities. Event was facilitated by WCS-Pakistan Gilgit. Rescued kid then was temporarily shifted to Naltar for further nurturing.

The kid will be released back into its real habitat at Sakwar Nallah as soon as it is capable to adopt in the wild- Said Wildlife department officials. Strict conservation of Markhor and other wildlife species will be carried out and illegal poaching will be eradicated in Sakwar valley with zero tolerance-said Chairman WCSDO-Sakwar.

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