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GOJAL-HUNZA : Alvi brothers; Biogas plant will get rid of the energy crises of the mountain communities|Passutimes

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Alvi brothers; Biogas plant will get rid of the energy crises of the mountain communities;

As the country faces severe energy crisis coupled with increasing prices of fossil fuels, Sajjid Alvi and his cousin Asad Alvi have provided an alternative option in the shape of biogas plants that with low investment could facilitate many households without interruption round the clock. But the project has not gotten broader coverage and acceptability due to the federal and provincial government’s indifference to alternate energy resources despite the severity of the energy crisis.

Biogas is cheap, clean and extremely convenient fuel. This technology to the rural community will help to mitigate the daily cooking problems, upgrade their living standards and slow down migration to urban areas. Alvi brothers belong to Passu, a small village situated in the upper Hunza valley. Sajjid and Asad were working on a biogas project since 2015 aiming to facilitate the Mountain Community in Pakistan.

Alvi Shared some detail about his Biogas Project and stated that it’s a 5 cubic meter fixed dome design with capacity to produce 1-2 hours of biogas during the peak summer season. However, the production goes down to half an hour in winter. You need to put 15 kilos of cow/yak dung mixed with water every day.

Asad is working to design enzymes, which after introducing to the tank can increase the production of biogas in winter as well. Sajjid is doing his PhD in aerospace materials and also working with research groups at Luleå University of Technology to introduce new technologies to mountain communities in future. Asad is currently doing his post doctorate in Faisalabad on cellulose materials. I feel young people in GB should use their education to solve the problems around them instead of running after a job, he further added.

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