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Province or state dilemma of GB is very mush complex subject , the more you scrutinize the more it will be tortuous , lets make it simple by having a bird eye view on it .

Gilgit Baltistan is a disputed territory and the dispute is among four parties including  India , Pakistan , Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan itself , in order to solve the dispute these four parties have to go for the UN resolutions under the supervision of Indian independence act 1947 which can decide the constitutional status of GB .

A so-called Provincial setup given to Northren Areas by Zardari’s government suggests its name as “Gilgit Baltistan” probably by the consultation of  local elected members and bureaucrats . The name “Gilgit Baltistan” reveals me that who ever suggested this may have a childish approach in this debate .

A Pushtoon is a Pushtoon either he is from peshawar , mardan , swat , charsadda or any other such place . The word Pushtoon is enough to express his culture , language , customs etc . Same is the case with Punjabis , Balochis and Sindhis . But GB is one of the diverse areas of the world , from Gilgit if you travel some 90 kilometers you can notice the culture , language and traditions of Hunza  totally differ from that of Gilgit’s culture , language and traditions , same will be the case if you travel from Hunza to Skardu , Skardu to Chilas or Chilas to Astore . Actually GB is an amalgam of seven different historical states , each one have its own charm , attraction and forte.

The name Gilgit Baltistan rafers to only two cultural states , as ”Gilgit” rafers to the area of shina speaking  people , those living in Gilgit city and its adjoining areas and “Baltistan” to the Balti people of Skardu and its adjoining areas

People of Hunza , Nagar , Diamer , Astore and many others have lost their identity behind behind this name . and adage ” something is batter than nothing”suits to this situation as some years ago all the people of GB had lost their identity behind the name “Northern Areas” and in current situation a few of them have got their’s .

Here an abyssmal question takes its birth that is what should be the suitable name for Northern Areas . Well  many people suggested somehow a suitable name for this reigon such as some people name it “Balawaristan” by looking at its historical skelton . but i do believe that such names are also not very much suitable because the culture , religon , language , customs and all such things are changed , it is same as to name Larkana as Mohenjo-daro  .

If we study this subject by looking at its historical and future aspects then it is plausible that we can find a suitable name for this reigon and a name that can bring about unity among the people  .

Published in Passu Times English 10 September, 2016

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