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Burning brain | By: Smuntazir Abbas

Student life is full of charm and enjoy and everyone who is in practical life always seem to miss his/her student life. But the student life also has challenges and problems of its own. The students of developing countries like Pakistan have lots of problems, such as financial problems, poor transportation system, language barrier, incompetent teachers and many more.

One of the problems faced by students is that usually they are not free to choose study programs of their own choice. Parents normally impose upon them a field of study which may not be suitable for the child or which he doesn’t feel comfortable with to study. This is a very common problem of our society. A student may want to be a journalist or a photographer but his parents may select engineering for him. So when he gets admission to the engineering college, he does not perform well. He then starts to feel that he is not fit for the field.

Parents should think about it and stop imposing study programmes on their children. They should only inform them about the scope and problems of every field, and let them choose a study program ..

Students, after passing their matriculation examination, face too much confusion about the selection of their further studies. They don’t know which study area is best for them. Most of the students don’t even know different fields of studies other than engineering and medical due to lack of study and career counseling. They get admission to these programmes and then don’t get good marks. That’s when they can’t get admission to medical or engineering colleges, and become upset thinking about their career.

We don’t have career counselors in Pakistan other than a few institutions which hire career counselors to guide their students. Students should have some basic knowledge able to consult their teachers, parents and friends in this regard, particularly the persons that are already attached with the profession they are interested in.

one of the most important thing for an adult should have is his choice of field selection almighty god has gifted every person a hidden talent a great scientist Einstein says ant which is small insect on earth if all the antes on the earth die then human being will be demolish from earth with in one year. So field of choose came to any individuals life then he or she became the king or queen of that field and an individual  touches the levels of success of which never imagines before ,on the other hand if an individual failed to achieve the choice of which having a talent then he or she would have to do more hard work to adjust there but never became  a perfect  at that field and will be always counted as mid Yorker and always fells alone or empty also physiological disturbance may case. so the selection of field of choice is a fundamental point for success in life. I hope that after reading this article it will help you about your career selection and selection approach.

Published in Passu Times English Dated 26th September, 2016

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