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HUNZA : By Shehzad Ali Barcha

Civil society of Gilgit Baltistan expressed their strong sadness on the death of Abdulkarim. Certainly, his demise saddened all those who knew the deceased very well.

Ageless and a man of strong nerves, he literally believed in the aphorism ‘success is always failure turned inside out’ and never gave in while he kept struggling. He was best known for his proclivity to keep testing his ingenuity to introduce something new to improve economic condition of local communities, with a ceaseless lifelong struggle to explore new ways aimed at fostering cooperative spirit in sections of society. Imbued with an untold zest for change, he first endeavored by setting up a cooperative society in Gilgit soon after his retirement from government service.

Then again, he entered into the tourism sector starting with his ‘Tourist Cottage’ at Khomar Gilgit that successfully attracted multitudes of foreign tourists visiting Gilgit and during the course, he embarked on the business as a tour operator subsequently – something he continued until tourism sector shrank in the aftermath of 9/11.

He spent all his life struggling for bringing about a positive transformation in socioeconomic context and will be remembered for long for his boundless flair for innovation.Down the memory lane, I recount the days when he used to operate the ‘Tourist Cottage’ in the vicinity of my office in early eighties where we would go for a cup of tea in leisure hours.

May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen!

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