Those who were Lost

                                                   THOSE WHO WERE LOST



An adage “Great nations are those who respect the services of their heroes “becomes confusing when it comes to ‘Gbians as a Nation’ . Do we respect the services of our heroes? , before thinking about this think about the first thing that pop ups in your mind when I say the word “national hero ” , probably it is Quaid e Azam Iqbal or someone from their grapple  moment . If yes , then study the freedom moment of GB and check if they have any role in it , they even had no idea about the happenings of that freedom moment , Quaid e Azam only had accepted the annexation proposal . The strategy of freedom moment of GB is totally out of phase from the freedom moment of Pakistan and the freedom fighters were also totally different type of minds.

While thinking about this fact I found myself at my 8th standards classroom where the teacher of Pakistan studies often times insults me by saying “shame, you have not yet parroted the 14 points of Quaid e Azam , even a small child can answer to this “ , I wish if I had asked him that what were the remarks of Khan Muhammad Alam Khan on 16 November after taking control in this area . well my teacher was not wrong indeed every child of GB  knows  14 points and other happenings of that specific moment  batter then a child from Punjab or sindh , Contrary to this ,on  the other hand it is found that some of the most eminent lawyers of GB have no any solid approach about the history of the freedom fighters and the freedom moment of GB . they have just a stereotype information having no roots in the actual aspect . Inded Quaid e Azam is a great political leader and we must study his life and his diplomatic fight but to abolish the names of national heroes of GB behind his name is meaningless and will never be appreciable .

Last week a very famous lawyer and president of a political body  Amjad Hussain Advocate vowed  to start a moment for the autonomous powers  for GB  but one of his approach : ”to make GB fifth province of Pakistan “ supports my belief that most of the eminent lawyers of GB have stereotype approach to the subject because I have no idea that by which constitution Mr Amjad is willing to make  GB  a fifth province of Pakistan . I will appreciate if Mr Amjad will  make it more vivid  to the youth so that the misconceptions can be eliminated .

Just often we blame that the reasons behind the political chaos in GB are sectarian clashes and cultural diverseness , what I believe is this is nothing but a cliche , the actual reason behind this is our indecorous education system which never had allowed us to discuss or study about our national heroes , which eliminates the concept of one nation .

We lost our national heroes,our national heritage , culture and our language which clearly implies the decline of the  graph of greatness of our nation , in this alarming situation this nation needs awareness about their  history and future so that they can strive for the constitutional and economical  reforms  in their area instead of being misused by religious and political hypocrites .

Mere just paying a tribute to the national heroes on the ave of 1st November every year is not just enough to impart about respect in the hearts of our youth and children, they must be included to out curriculum. We must have to find those who are lost as to lost them means to lost our identity

Waqar Ali Shah

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