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CPEC will increase traffic accidents on KKH - FOTO- Shahid Qasimi

CPEC will increase traffic accidents on KKH – FOTO- Shahid Qasimi

The senate standing committee for GILGIT-BALTISTAN on CPEC have submitted their report that there will be a traffic rush on Karkoram HIgh Way( KKH ) when CPEC will become operational;.. The general public will be suffer for the smooth travelling on KKH. We have observed that the first shipment of CPEC 100 container have jammed traffic on KKH on different point from where they were passing . it was just the 100 containers of first shipment of CPEC. There was a hustle and bustle on KHH due to the movement of containers and deployment of security forces . in a inauguration ceremony the government representative had passed a statement that there will be a movement of 1000 containers in a week when CPEc will become a fully operational . whether the current KKH with the widht of 24 feet is suitable for the smooth movement of CPEC traffic and a general public routine travelling because the first shipment 100 containers have disturbed the smooth movement traffic and traveling of general public . the government is doing planing regarding on smooth movement of traffic . or they have suggested any alternative routes for a general public . it is really up rising challenges to the people who are living on adjacent area of KKH.

Inayat Ali, Hussaini Gojal.

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