SKARDU: “Jashne Mayfang” (Winter festival) celebrated across Baltistan region |Passutimes

By Nisar Ali Baltistan

SKARDU: “Jashne Mayfang” (Winter festival) were celebrated across the Baltistan region here on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Musical program and seminar were also organized by civil society member to mark the day in all four district of the Baltistan region. This festival is known as LOSAR ( is balti/Tibetian word which means New year according to tibetian calendar) & Mayfang (Fire throwing ritual that includes “Meshing”, “Ghuloom”. Traditionally this is the beginning of the new year and a sign of happiness for the new year.

It is marked with ancient ceremonies that represents the struggle between good and evil. There is chanting and passing of fire torches through the crowd. It’s usually celebrate of 21st December the longest night of the year.

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