KHAPLU: Temporary protection to try to restore the water supply in cold weather| Passutimes

By Nisar Ali Ghanche:

Following the freezing of water pipeline with ice, the residents of Muhallah Garbong of Khaplu of district Ghanche built a temporary lavatory (place of abolitions) at the edge of Shyoke River where a spring is situated. According to the detail, the spring was divided into two parts and once for a temporary lavatory(place of abolition) to facilitate the worshipers and other is for provision of water to all houses.

“By the end of the December the all water pipeline are frozen with ice, so to encounter the acute shortage of water we benefit from this spring”,

said Farman Ali a resident of Muhallah Garbong, adding that all house holder accessed to that spring to get the water for drinking and cooking purpose. This small fountain is situated at the edge of Shyoke River under the Garbong chowk. The water of this spring is remained hot during winter season and anyone can take bath even in January.

Due to the high altitude of the Muhallah from the spring level the people had to come at this fountain to fill their bucket with enough water and to await an hours to their turn. The main bazar of Khaplu Ghanche start from Garbong that is one of the biggest Muhallah of Khaplu district of Ghanche with its population of almost 600 peoples.

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