Story of a courageous father on Women's day -Sherin Sultana

The story of a courageous father on Women’s day

This is a story of a brave, courageous and dedicated father and his unconditional love for his daughter. There was not a single middle level school in 75 villages of Hunza-Nagar. So my father,who never received formal education but with great love for education , took me all the way to Karachi for schooling. The whole society turned against him but he stood against all odds and not only gave me education in an excellent environment but also encouraged other families to educate their children, especially the daughters. I received my education in a prestigious institution of Pakistan and became the first senior consultant in our region. His example was followed by many others and I feel pride for being of service to my people for the last 24 years and IA many others who have been inspired by him will follow his footsteps.Despite facing numerous hardships in our lives, we should focus on on educating our children. Only then will we be able to develop as a people. My father’s dream was to see a prosperous Hunza and it is my wish that we can all contribute to do so.

Story of a courageous father on Women's day -Sherin Sultana

Story of a courageous father on Women’s day -Sherin Sultana

The writer is the first senior Consultant Gynecologist from Hunza Valley

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