Zahoor Muhammad, the Gilgit-Baltistan's oldest man, dies in Passu aged 112

Zahoor Muhammad, the Gilgit-Baltistan’s oldest man, dies in Passu aged 112


Zahoor Muhammad, the Gojal’s oldest man, dies in Passu aged 112

 The Gilgit-Baltistan’s oldest man, Zahoor Muhammad, who cited healthy eating and a good night’s sleep as the secrets to a very long life, has died aged 112,today due to cardiac arrests. Chief Reporter.

Zahoor Muhammad was father of renowned Surgeon Dr.Pro Abdul Rehman Alvi, working in Aga Khan hospital, Karachi and Social activist Ahmed Karim.

On behalf of PassuTimes and our readers we express our sympathy and extend our heartfelt condolence to Zahoor’s family. And pray May Allah rest soul in eternal peace and bless his family and loved once the strength to tolerate this loss. Amen

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