the Hunza Students Federation has conducted annual convention 2017 in Gilgit

passutimes| Hunza Students Federation has conducted annual convention 2017 in Gilgit

(Gilgit, April 21, 2017, the Hunza Students Federation has conducted annual convention 2017 in Gilgit city on 20th April 2017. The convention was attended by Leaders from different socio-political platforms, the convention chief guest was Mr. Ubaid Ullah Baig, ex candidate GBLA 6, and guest of honor was Mr. Naeem Ullah Baig, President Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit along with Mrs Sosan Aziz, Mr.Younus Dilyaab and Mr. Sultan Abbas KIU faculty.

The convention by student’s federation was attended by the founding members, ex cabinet members, senior members and existing students. The convention included farewell and welcome for KIU students from Hunza.

The convention covered progress, vision of leaders, cabinet formulation and cultural entertainment. The one year progress shared by Mr. Talib Joshi President HSF mainly around financial support, seminars for students and plantation in Hunza by HSF representatives.  During his speech the chief guest emphasized on students’ role in academia and co curricular activities to groom their selves as leaders of the future, he added that the university is Alma Marta for the students and students should play positive role for its development. The president Ismaili Regional Council for Gilgit was addressing the gathering and delivered the message of unity and peace among the students, which will further enhance a productive citizens of the society, on the occasion Mrs. Susan Aziz emphasized on women empowerment as students, Mr. Younus Dilyaab given insight on emotional intelligence, Mr. Sultan Abbas delivered his thoughts around intellectual grooming, founding member of HSF Mr. Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai addressed the students on objective of HSF and the role of platform for the students, Mr. Rahmat Ali focused economic development opportunities after graduation and Mr. Sher Ullah Baig spoke on the history,  achievements and role of Gojal Youth Forum under the umbrella of HSF.

The other students’ organizations heads were invited to the convention for collaboration in future for common students’ interest. On the occasion the President ISO KIU unit said the students’ organizations unity is important for holistic development and to protect students’ rights. Further the Jamiat General Secretary acknowledged the role of organizations and services for the students.

On the occasion Hunza Students Federation new cabinet heads were elected through the democratic process of voting, Mr. Rameez Ali Jerov and Mr. Iftikhar Ali respectively elected president and vice president for central cabinet and Miss. Afsana Tawakal and Miss Jamila elected president and vice president for women cabinet.

The convention concluded with the spirit of intellect to promote peace and harmony in the Alma Marta KIU and students will serve Hunza as young leaders in the future.

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