With out Protecting the Environment Customs Sost,Anti-Narcotics burned Alcohol, Medicines and other harmful chemicals

SOST : Alcohol, Medicines and other harmful chemicals were put on fire without taking any precautionary measure to safeguard the local population, environment and other endangered wild species found in the region.

The incident happens at the border town Sost, few miles away from Khunjerav National Park.

This was not done by any individuals, but Pakistan Customs and Sost Dry Port authorities did this act to get rid of the detained smuggled commodities.

All these commodities were detained by Pakistan Customs, Anti-Narcotics Force while smuggling form China to Pakistan via Khunjerav border.

This did not happen first time, every year the Pakistan customs and Sost Dry Port officials bury or put of fire the poisonous items. This practice is being repeated every year.

There are several more environment friendly methods to dispose waste materials.

Why Pakistan Customs and Sost Dry port authorities choose this most dangerous method which harms the eco system of the whole region.

Photo: Ahmad Khan and Asghar Rumi
Source: Khunjerav national Park Official page

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