Injustice in the name of cricket in Gilgit Baltistan “WAKE UP PCB” | Passu Times

The Gilgit-Baltistan Women Sports Association launched campaign theough social media against injustice in the name of cricket in Gilgit Baltistan “Wake Up PCB”

The political interference in GB cricket association and presence of un ethicality behavior members/personality in Gilgit cricket association is wasting talents in Gilgit Baltistan.

We request the heigh associate officials Mr.Sheryar khan Najum Satti and Madam shamsa Hashami to take notice about the GB cricket association year activity plan and kindly provide us opportunity,

That we can prove our self to be the best among and contribute to the country.

We call it a grassroot.

All great effort of school system and thanks giving to AKYSB (aga khan youth and sports board) for providing us these platforms and courage.


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