“Baba Ghundi” By Tabish Sethi


Baba Ghundi

Beyond Zood Khun (the last of the nine villages of Chapursan valley) is the mystical and holy Baba Ghundi Ziarat, a shrine to a Sufi saint said to have miraculous powers, and a popular pilgrimage site. The shrine is surrounded by meadows which hosts herds of sheep in summer and sporadically from June to September, Kyrgyz traders from Afghanistan who traditionally cross the Irshad Pass with horses, yaks and sheeps to trade with the Chapursan villagers.

Baba Ghundi is the most important shrine in Hunza-Gojal. The end-point of Chapursan valley right after Pakistan border police’s check post. Beyond this point you crossover to Afghanistan and Wakhan corridor. Trekking from Zood Khun to Baba Ghundi takes somewhere about 4 hours.

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