Passu – The Gem of KKH |By Ali Hameed

Passu – The Gem of KKH

KKH is also called as the eighth wonder of the world and I would call Passu Village Pakistan, The Gem of KKH.

Karakoram Highway Hunza Gojal

Karakoram Highway Hunza Gojal














A lot of people mix Passu Village Pakistan with a German city Passu which is also beautiful but not as picturesque.

For hundreds of years Silk road was used for trading purposes and at times for invading. After the Indo-Pak partition, Pak China friendship highway was built on this route. We now call it Karakoram Highway in Pakistan (due to its geographical location). Its a 1300 km long highway which starts from from Hasan Abdal and ends at Kashghar, China.

Along the KKH, scenery is changed as we move towards Gilgit. It becomes picturesque as we enter Hunza and we enter into a paradise as we reach Passu.

Passu Village Pakistan

Passu Village

Beautiful Pasu Village

Beautiful Pasu Village

Passu Village View

Trees were loaded with apricots and apples in the Passu Village

Apricot tree in the Pasu Village

Apricot tree in the Pasu Village

I was welcomed by the locals who offered me some mouth watering apricots. In fact, I found that Passu has more superior quality of apricots than other parts of the Hunza Valley.

Glacier Breeze Restaurant Passu Village Pakistan

Glacier Breeze Restaurant Passu Village

After that I walked along the KKH and went to a restaurant called Glacier Breeze which is built up the hill.  Although it is built few meters above the road but its worth visiting the place.

I would highly recommend Glacier Breeze restaurant, Passu Village. Firstly, because food served at the restaurant is not only fresh but delicious as well. Secondly, it offers stunning views of the village, KKH and Passu Cathedral.

Next day, I left for Khunjerab Pass, the highest but very scenic International border.

Trek to world’s scariest bridge

After coming back from Khunjerab, next day I decided to visit Passu Suspension bridge. Although its an easy trek but one mistake can end the adventure anytime.
I started early in the morning and had my breakfast in Shisper Passu suspension bridge trekView hotel on my way to the suspension bridge, the guy there warned me that its not very easy for the first times but I still decided to go there on my own.
Two Korean guys outside Shisper View asked me if I was also going to see the bridge and we started together. We entered the village from the wrong side and we all kept slipping in the trail until we ended on the ground after few minutes.

As we took wrong route Passu suspension bridge trekand by passed the village, there was no one to guide us. We climbed and ended near the river bank and we had to climb back. After climbing two different directions we finally saw the glimpse of the bridge but it was too far. We found different trails and finally reached there after twenty minutes but I would call it a close encounter.
The bridge itself is very long and scary. I have seen a lot of hanging bridges but I must admit that this one longest and may be scariest of all.

Passu Suspension bridge viewPassu suspension bridge - Pasu Hunza Gojal Pakistan


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