GOJAL: Powerful Flowing Water and Land Erosion resident and KKH at High Risk

Passu Hunza: by Faqir Ullah Khan

Useless dump of debris by CRBC to protect KKH at the bank of flowing Hunza River at Passu couldn`t worked again, as the muddy water changed its course on 10th July, 2017 towards the fertile lands here and gradually getting to the alarming stages day by day. Millions of dollars sunked in this river without remedies and still experiments are continue.

Passu village had already lost the bigger part of its fertile lands and gardens because of land erosion during last few decades and still neglacted by Govt authorities and Private sectors.

Residents have also hundreds of ideas in mind only, nothing meterialized yet.

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  1. Dear Editor,


    I am pleased to be your regular reader and being native to suggest something about the solution of River Erosion of our beautiful tourist village, Passu. I deem the following steps very important towards a permanent solution:
    1. PDO should submit an application/Resolution signed by the members to AKRSP Regional Office, Gilgit requesting them to depute a Civil Engineer together with a Surveyor to assess the already done damage and Secondly, to survey the River flow both from Shamshal Valley and Khyber valley which combine at Passu.
    2. The can prepare a draft design of of permanent walling on the pattern of Chinese Engineers who have constructed retaining walls at several spots even between Passu and village Gulmit to protect KKH from River Erosion.
    3. As the estimated cost might touch Billions of PKR or Millions of US $s; we don’t need to worry about costs as we live in 21st century, where national and International Donors can Join Hands through a Consortium to “Save Passu” as one of the ancient living village with legacies of damages in the past.
    4. If any National or International Agency comes forward to do the job, We can offer them constructing an Air Strip (Airport) for commercial landing of National/Global tourists at Passu. This will be a huge attraction for the investors and will generate scores of new jobs for the villagers and people of the area.

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