SHAHTALIB SUPER LEAGUE SEASON II (a tribute to late Qurban Karim)

Hussaini,Gojal : Passutimes

Shah Talib Super League Season II Volleyball tournament started today at Hussaini Gojal tribute to Late Qurban Karim. He was a greater Social worker, great sportsman. The tournament will continue during Eid Holidays from 01-04 September 2017.This Tournament was organized by Hussaini Students Association with the support of Hussaini Organization for Local Development (HOLD) and Shahtalib Sports Club (SSC).The main objective of the tournament was to unite the youth and provide them healthy activates with the theme “SAY NO TO DRUG” and “SAY NO TO POLLUTION and support education for the future generation
The Chief guests of the opening ceremony was Parveen Qurban w/o Late Qurban Karim and Honorable guests Nalima Aamir newly appointed nayab femal tasildar
Eight Teams participated in the tournament named as Paradise Hussaini, YazYupk Shumol, Shah Talib United, Borith Stars Hussaini, Zar-e- Zarabod, Gul Butur, Sin Kuk Champs and The Sesunians .
Day 01 =01Updates
01=Shah Talib United defeat Gul Batura
02= The Sesunians defeat Borith Stars Hussaini
03= YazYupk Shumol defeat Paradise Hussaini
04=Zar-E-Zarabod defeat sin Kuk Champs
05=Borith Star Hussaini defeat Shahtalib United
06=Gul Butur defeat The Sesunians
07=Zar-e-eZarabod defeat Paradise Hussaini
08=YazYupk Shumol defeat Sin Kuk Champs

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