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GILIGT : Trophy Hunting Auction, Highest bid closed 80,000 USD | Passu Times English

GILGIT :-  Photo Dr. Sher Dill Khan

Auction for Trophy Hunting 2017-18 by Parks and Wildlife Department Gilgit-Baltistan held today at Forest Complex Gilgit.

The event was Chaired by Mr. Willayat Noor, Conservator Forest Circle Gilgit accompanied by Mr. Yaqub Ali Khan, Conservator Parks and Wildlife GB. Other departmental representatives were present Mr. Akram, DFO Hunza, Mr. Khisrow, Administrative officer, Mr. Shabirullah Baig, RFO, KNP and others.

There were present leading Tour Operators ,  outfitters who bid for various Trophy Animals e.g. Markhor, Ibex, Bluesheep etc. Ranging from $3100 to $80,000 for foreigners and Rs. 110,000 to Rs. 3,50,000 for nationals.

Misgar conservancy got 3 Himalayan Ibex Quota in addition to the un-hunted licenses of last year.

Mr. Shafa of Silk-Road Expeditions secured all three permits for Misgar to hunt Himalayan Ibex.

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