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Social and political status almost decline because of without reasons interference, unequal distribution of wealth, social  and no entertaining social and political fundamental rights.  However government is doing its effort from six decades (1948-2017) to keep balance socio-economic and political condition of the region. This question mark to the local people! What causes are behind the situations which make hurdles to overcome the challenges in this part. It has proved by sociologist that social understanding acceptance and tolerances are the fundamental obligations to make vibrant society.

The state runs its governance system through legislator, judiciary and defense, for that reason these three institutions are called state pillars. Each of them has autonomous right to perform their functions without overlapping and confrontation is called welfare state. Just like welfare state wheels; society itself has also three pillars to bond and keep them united; (physical, human and social capitals.  In Gilgit-Baltistan has biggest pool and potential in a physical capital to increase economic surplus; for Example Mountains, wild species, glaciers, minerals, clean environment international borders, pastures and different landscapes.  While in the human capital part its natives have skills to defend territorial parts, tourism promotion experts, skillful human resources, professionals in whole sectors of lives are working in the government and national as well as international NGOs in the country and out of the countries. Thousands of national and international qualified youths are seeking abroad employment because of unavailability jobs and businesses opportunities in the region. The valuable human capital way out form the G.B because of no income generation opportunities; the professional and skillful human capitals immigration trend causes human deficit in the area to work for regional development.

The social capital utilization had been practiced for the community welfare and betterment from hundreds years in this part, because all parts of G.B were cut off from rest of the world because of no communication facilities. They were not being depended on the external resources; therefore they were being worked together to fulfill their daily needs survival. Therefore it is true; that social capital is hereditary exist in the society, but it needs mobilization input to form district level indigenous organizations. Those indigenous organizations will provide different ethnical, linguistic groups opportunities to understand, tolerance, acceptance, harmony, passion, brotherhood, courage, forgiveness and help to others. Communities of the region are living in a very scattered parts in a specific ethnic groups; they have no easy accessibility to interact among themselves to share sources neither understand their rights and opportunities at national level. Some time geographical distances create misunderstandings and confusions among the different regional ethnic groups. Scattered geographical condition is the biggest strength of Gilgil-Baltistan but in some extends, it makes constraints to node different groups in one platform and mobilize them workout for regional development. Social capital is the sources to bring different ethnical, religious people in one page to discuss their issues, challenges and opportunities to revitalize social harmony in the region. Therefore it is very important to make appropriate plan to ensure Gilgit-Baltistan social capital utilization, interpretation of indigenous social values and make interregional harmony and prosperity. Sitting among different ethnic and linguistic groups in one place will increase understanding and decrease the regional and ethnical gaps. It is essential to involve notable and progressive segments in the indigenous organizations to take decisions, maintain, sustain and revive social capital in the region. If social capital is revived in the region definitely human resources will work on physical capitals for the regional socio- economic sustainable development.

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