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It was a pleasant night in the mid of summers. I was having a gentle breeze, the wind was kissing my head, hair were waving, and my head was almost pinned half in my pillow. May be I snored, most possibly I could have changed my sleeping position, but God better knows how I slept in that night. The clock on my wall was ticking, and time was marching on. Suddenly, my iPhone, laying right next to me beeped, rang for a minute. I was deadly slept, it again kept ringng till I opened my eyes. When I had a glance on my iPhone, I had a message from my friend. In the very same interval, I saw it was 06:15 AM in the morning. I spared a minute or less to reply my friend, and then I saw a beautiful scene right straigth from my window. The sky was utterly blue, the sun was rising, the glaciers on the mountains were sparkling, green leafy trees were producing a mesmerizing sound that was audible to my room even and the feeling that I loved the most was the chirping of birds, specially the magpie’s one. This jaw-dropping scene didn’t allow me to sleep again.

 I thought to have a look from my home’s roof and planned to spend some good time enjoying the dawn. When I stepped out from my room, I saw my mom and dad, they were awaken. For a minute, I was like stunned. I asked what were they upto. They replied they had a small work in the grassland, I asked if I can help them in getting completed the work, but they refused and assured me that they will be back in half an hour, so I rushed towards the roof and enjoyed the great scene for like ten minutes. The slumber in my eyes beaten me, thus I again slept for two hours. After having a two hours’ sleep, I again found my parents working in the field in the scorching of sun. At that moment, a feeling of kindheartedness came into my mind and I stood like a statue for a moment or two thinking about my parents like how scarcely they work for their children to earn some pennies to make very sure the best life of their kids. This was not just a routine of one day, may be they had have been doing this for last many weeks, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see them as I was hibernating myself in forty winks. I can’t encapsulate the fathom of love our parents have, even they abdicate their dreams, but I was just trying to show the way our parents, specially in Gilgit-Baltistan earn money, and how we, being their children deal with to utilize it.

Our parents have big dreams from their children, even beyond we think for ourselves. They smile when their children are laughing, they share when they think it can benefit their children, they care when they sense their children are suffering. So, from last couple of years, in Gilgit-Baltistan, unfortunately, the kids are deceiving their parents. Instead of bringing home an excellence award in academics and sports, they have brought home injured and expired bodies in the very younger ages. It’s a nature of human kind that we always decide things for ourselves in hurry, we get impressed from a person if he owns a beautiful motorbike to ride his life. We always imitate the people living around us without even thinking if that can be best for us as well or it goes again about what I’m thinking. Similarly, we insist our parents to buy us motorbikes, technological gadgets, and good piece of cloth to hide our body. Our parents, still do all this for us, even they minus their lunch to manage money to buy their kids a motorbike or an expensive mobile phone. It’s okay, they manage all this. But, have we ever thought about our parents just like for a minute, like how will they feel if I get injured? How would they go through the suffering of their kids? Nah, we never ever. We don’t think about them and about our futures as well.

The youth is puked in drug usage. The very younger people have started using narcotics. They have even started harming their bodies with horrendous diseases. The rate of accidents on roads have become increased, mostly from youth. Some of great people have even dotted their lives. Now, these issues of drugs addiction and road accidents have become very alarming to every individual of the region. These problems have flamed the youth, burning them with nonsense activities, and favoring them to quit their studies. Now, before it gets worst, we collevtively have to bring up to the stage its real cause before it hoes up the screams.

Now, to make society a beautiful place to live in, we must first kick these repugnancies and have to take drastic measures as soon as possible. Firstly, there should be complete ban on networking of drugs, law enforcing agencies must pay their positive role in this concern. There should be body penalizations if someone is caught spreading this shit, this is how next generation can get a message from. Going more ahead, all shopkeepers must play their good role also, like they should not sell cigarette and other kind of narcotics to younger people. Similarly, the government and NGOs in this regard should start a campaign against usage of drugs and its causes because most of the people are not aware about the aftermaths of using drugs. In this way, they can judge their lives, and may be they quit the evil. Simultaneously, there should be complete ban on riding bikes and other vehicles by teenagers. Their blood in this teenage craze is hot, and they can go even beyond the boundaries, also in this regard, we’re in immediate need of traffic police. I’ve personally studied that, the laws and rules are very strict about the usage of drugs, and driving vehicles by teenagers, but in this regard, the institutions are again failed, so accidents and diseases are booming in teenagers.

In a nutshell, we’ve got a beautiful life. We must value it, we should respect it and we have to take care of it. If things go wrong out of track in this age, then trust me, we won’t have a bright future ahead, may be it also create chaos in the society. As accidents are concerned, your children, parents, and relatives are deadly waiting for your arrival to their homes, never dissappoint them by taking a risk of your life, it’s always “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”, at least you will reach your home safely, at least you will hug your parents and children, doesn’t matter if it’s some hours late. You don’t know how important you’re for your parents, you’ll be again a reason of thousand smiles in your family. They love you, they care about you, love your life, love your family, and love this world. Please stop riding bikes in your younger ages, if you ride them, take very good care of vehicles crossing you, and limit your speed. Moreover, when it comes about the drug addiction, we ourselves can better think for ourselves and family. Let them go away from your life those people who encourage you to take drugs, it’s better to live alone than using bad evils like this. Trust me, they will catch your attention by saying that drugs can overcome your tension and can relief you, oh come on, they are just jabbering. There’s nothing that can relieve your pain except dedication with your dream and faith in God. Never listen them, have a last wave of your hand to them, and live your own beautiful life. Instead of spending money on cigarette, why not to buy an apple that can keep away diseases from me? Instead of spending a lot of money on alcohol, why not to manage an apricot juice that can prevent me from obnoxious diseases? These are some of very important things in our lives, if we love our lives and family, we must atleast think for even some minutes, trust me the inner feeling will never let you go for things like this.  At last, love your life, love your family, love people living around. Make yourself a reason of sharing smiles, grow green, and make this world a better place to live in. God loves you all!

Published in Passu Times English on Dated 7th October, 2017


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