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Let me take a puff! Let me show to the world that I am grown up! These words are an instinct of our youth mainly teenagers who are captivated by their elders or friends. Who have a curiosity to know how it feels when I will take a puff of a cigarette. Vividly then they get an offer from their friend confessing “take it dude be a men” suddenly their instinct men ecstasy and they navigate to take their first puff and fathom their selves to the horrendous and numb world.
21st century is momentous in every field of change. Everyone become too busy that he even don’t know what’s going in his house. The burden of work, family issues etc is very common in every person next to us. In this misery! Of course everyone needs solace to reduce his ail, and unfortunately maximum of them opt narcotics as a solace and ruin their lives by their own.
Steadfastly increasing rate in use of narcotics is really alarming. It’s a signal for destruction because once we addict to it then it’s difficult to abdicate it from our lives. There are myriad reasons that one become addict to narcotics, firstly the company he adopts. No doubt how good he is or how much self-control he have he can’t refuse his company.
Being in worse company temptation him unwillingly to smoke or to drink and it’s really difficult to elude. Likewise, family pressure and home environment is a key factor. If someone in the family is addicted the surely the second person suffers and he will become an addict. It’s serene that using drugs is the second name of self-destruction it is hazardous for our health so we have to be cautious. Parents have to take a good care their children and keep their eyes on their children belongings and their activities. And it’s a request from parents that DON’T smoke or drink in presence of your children. Secondly, government and local bodies have to strike their policies against drug usage. Underage smoking should be ban and those shops should be seal who sell narcotics to children. We have to say “no to drugs” to have a healthy and good future.

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