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Amjad Advocate born in Gilgit  Amphary in a political family. His father served as district member and considered a political tycoon. He started his earlier education from Public school and College. Besides the education he was indulge in student Politics and had a good qualities of Leader. From his early education he was a committed and dedicated worker of PPP. He was not in search of designations.
This thing made him unique. We have seen many faces in PPP but he is the one who have proven himself as a transparent man and we do belief that he is the need of today. His competent mindset is the asset of GB. We shouldn’t confine him to a specific party. As a son of soil i do belief that after Adv. Jofar Ali another Leader born in our be united in a single page. We are from unconstitutional area and have no right to speak in high forums nor we have the potential to speak for the rights of our mother. If we go back to our history then we find no one who speak for the rights. Yes heard about Adv. Jofar Ali which is known as Quaid Gilgit.

After his death there was a lack of leadership its our dilemma we haven’t given the respect to the true leaders. After the death of the leader we often acknowledge the services but it has no value then. we should practice our past negligence otherwise it will be useless to cry over a spilt mik. Now it is the high time to support the Leader like Amjad adv. As we have noticed him he is very committed with the soil and he knows how to fight for the rights. Without exaggeration i would say he can be Nelson Mandela of GB. Some years before a meeting was held in Serena Hotel Gilgit and all political heads were invited. The theme of the meeting was to get the views of the politicians of GB regarding CPEC. Jaffar Ullah khan deputy speaker GB assembly had instructed a Govt. official not to invite Amjad Adv. in that meeting. The Govt. officer surprised and ask to Deputy speaker about the reason.

Deputy Speaker replied that i know we are in wrong track and helpless and have no courage to speak with bold question but this man is brave and have knowledge to speak. This is the dilemma of GB that we couldn’t chose a leader. after a long gap we have seen and noticed a magical personality who can best lead us towards NEW GB. A hopeless people of GB are now again in hope due to the leadership of Amjad adv. He is an iron man and a magnetic personality. we wish him all the best

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