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Gilgit-Baltistan is a land where three beautiful mountains greet each other and these are Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu-Kush the beautiful home to rare flora and fauna, and beautiful valleys, wonderful lakes, green orchids, white snow and green fields. This region is the largest tourist destination which is full of natural and wonderful natural beauties. In agriculture this region is also rich such as apricots which are grown organically in 28 varieties and this region supplying 70% Dry fruits to Pakistan and it has also a huge potential in international markets.

Gilgit-Baltistan is considered as 5th largest gemstone deposits in the world.

This region is rich in natural resources which are rare, precious, unique and mostly are unexplored which can change the destiny of this region. Despite of having such precious resources and minerals which has a potential to change the fate of the people who are ruling in poverty from  decades but there is no work done on it because the gemstones industry is in its shameless condition due to lack of attentions by the federal and local governments. Federal and local governments till date are not come out with policies to boost the mining industry.

Therefore federal and local government should come up with policies like investing in these mining industries, to create value chain programs, training programs to develop products according to local and international market standards. If these stones are promoted in international markets then it can change the fate of the people who are still below poverty level and those who are unemployed.

This region is calling the investors to invest in this region and take advantage of these events and also give benefits socially and economically for the people of this backward region .Here the opportunities are limitless. This region is waiting for investors, visionaries, dreamers, the brave ones, the ones who sees the moments and who knows when to enter.

About the Author :   Student of MBA at BZU Multan from Gilgit Baltistan ; Published in Passu Times English dated 11 November, 2017

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