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Peep, peep, peep Steadfastly ringing cellphone, myriad notifications from Sarahah to Whatsapp seduce ever cell phone user towards it! Are you dubious about it? You don’t have to because it’s serene and there is not discrimination in this fever!! Commencing with the fact that cellphone specialy social media are having a vast range of uses in our lives but do you ever think that how much destruction it will cause if it’s use negatively? Indeed it can ruin our society more than a strave.

Momentous issue rising nowadays is social media! Social media with which everyone from every age to race is used to and posting stories in shot! But you ever cautious that if your stories being miss use? Stories which you are posting for fantasy may become tragedy. specialy for girls who are participating in Whatsapp challenges and send their pictures to become a part of friends story. Are you sure that your friend is not mutuall with anyone who wants to prone you? What if your pictures being miss use? Because no one knows that what’s in 3rd persons mind, so we have to be cautious about our security, safety and honor which may veer from escaty to tragedy.

Indeed we have to reckon that why we are exposing our personal data? Just for fun? It’s really absurd because there is hell after escaty and no one wants to opt hell am afraid! We have to provoke, we have to conceal our privacy! There are many anecdotes of being victim of social media. It’s just you who can bring a change. Let’s use social media positively. Because yes we can.

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