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One day the planet earth must say, “Stop reproduction; I am already enough”. Today the billions of people are moving round and round within this limited world. As for late 2nd decade of 21st century the population exceeded from 7 billion individuals.

We have entered in a damaging cycle of “Clash of Civilization”, which is rooted in the curse of the “Clash of Identity” among every Individual, Society and Nation which flow in the race of popularity which boosts up the greediness of Recognition which in near future going to be a global phenomenon “The Recognism”, and still we have not seen the bottom of it yet that when and what else to come.

The identity is the belonging of personalities from individualism to collectivism which splits or gathers Brother to Brother, Sister to Sister, Parents to Children, Relatives to Society and Nations to the World. The different types of identities including Individual Identity, Family or Social Identity, National Identity and Belief Identity can be the cause of conflict or the source of integrity.

Individualism is the phenomenon for self and split personality from one another. Everyone is trying to be exceptional in the society on the basis of the ideas, belongings or social status. There is a race for known from unknown, from good to better, from ordinary to extra-ordinary; this race can draw the fault lines within families, the individual identity differentiate family interests where the social norms of a family can be damaged. If an individual is supposed to create an idea to certain development or problem, then the ideas of the others must be differs from the previous one. Everyone wants to impose his own will or thoughts on others which can cause the differences and float the fault lines among each other.
These single decisions or ideas made the world most suspicious to live in. History is witnessed; when Sun Tzu spoke, the world of war become an art. When Socrates spoke, the shape of the world is determined as a round. When Karl Marx spoke, the nations got identities. When Hitler spoke, the world became hell. When Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Gandhi spoke, the subcontinent has torn apart. An ideal perception tells us that man is good in nature the individuals can be influential for right-doings but the ignorance intended them to do wrong things.

The social identity or family identity, in a broader sense comes after the individual identity, which is the most certain entity to form a society. The race is now among home and homes, family and families. For instance a family having 3 houses/branches in a diverse society, there must be some reservations from the rest of the families. This is reality that no any family can trust on the other; they believe they can defend and define their self in a different way to the world when nobody can.

Whenever the nations rose for their rights, the structure of the world changed. This is an ongoing process of nationalism since when the men had differentiated “you are mine, he is not”, had said ‘I’ and ‘You’ instead of ‘We’. From the age of enlightenment in Europe the nationalism started using as a tool in international politics where the groups of people demanding the common rights while crossing over individual interests. Fighting for common grounds of people having same ethnicity or race can be most powerful to fulfill a demand then the self. Now in 21st century this is most certainly happening in the 3rd world countries especially in the Asian and African nations. Europe and American, altogether the West don’t have the problems alike or they have very minor ones because the societies or ethnicities lives in certain territories like Germans are in Germany. Some stateless nations are exercising the triumph of revolution; for instance the Kurds they become identical on the stage of the world politics. They can influence the region of Middle East which is the confluence of International trade. The national identity is one of the causes to make a civilization while the needs and circumstances compelled them to clash.

Belief is one of the most crucial forms of identity of a set of people which overruled other identities. Till the age of reason Europe was under the wrath of the religious/holy wars which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
Faith is only the concept where people are supposed to make the things done infect they don’t know what they are doing. Every human being is religious by birth or a traditionally religious. This is not the fault of the child or his choice while giving birth in Christian, Muslim, and Hindu or in a Jewish family. This is choice of nature. So as the child grows up he starts felt pride of been follower of certain faith meanwhile the process of ‘Extremism’ starts when he says “I am good” also the sense of ‘Criticism’ starts in when he says to other groups “they are not good” these both interpretations flamed up the curse of ‘Terrorism’; once a boy said to me. The belief in this direction became more identical and exceptional in the world and one of the factor which affecting the clash of identities.
The essence of every religious teaching is about Love and Humanity. But it is proportional to the interpretation. For instance, does this acceptable in the 3rd world society to encourage the love of boy and a girl having different faiths? No! Because it again stuck in the wrong interpretation of faith identity that says I am good else is bad whatever. Religion is an extreme phenomenon where the man become more emotional then rational.

In the reign of Pluralism and Diversity the Clash of Identity is inevitable because of the clash of ignorance of minor entities that may be social, religious, ethnics or individual. We can predict the future when world of ethnicities, faiths, languages needed to given the piece of land to exercise their own will and opportunities to define their selves to the world.
Consequently traditions and cultures are not collapsing but they are indulging into one another. The pro-social norms can’t be challenged by and individual but can be amended. The world of technocratic society has now started changing into a cosmocratic society where cosmopolitan ethics can be outburst as a new indigenous tradition and culture. The individual ideas can be differed from one another where the individuals would be engaging their selves proportionally and critically with the modern technology. The tradition of knowledge and attitude can be overwhelmed; later the decision-making for the common purpose seems more inadequate in the time of trouble and uncertainty.

 The writer is Student of International Relations of Karakorum International University, Gilgit.

Published in Passu Times Web Media Network dated 1st December, 2017

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