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GOJAL : Bureau  Chief

White color vehicle going towards Ssost open fired at Passu this morning, police failed to arrest the culprits According to source the vehicle left towards Sost after noticing that community members are trying to approach them.

Eyewitness told Passutimes that the white vehicle opened fire near Muradabad and left towards Sost.

Passu village is a Conservancy territory and any type of firing is prohibited in the region. One of youth activist from the village also said that few months before Salman Khan youngest brother of existing MLA Mir Saleem Khan had also violated the Conservancy law by randomly firing, we approached every concerned authorities but didn’t get any response. It seems that the law is only for common people, he further added.

Most of the villager feel this as a security threat as Prince Karim the Aga Khan visit is expected to Hunza this month. We request local police to take quick action against this incident, another villager told PT.


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