By Faqir Ullah Khan

Passu:  village is located in the Gojal Tehsial of Hunza District in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, which is  famous for the natural resources , mighty eye catching views of the mountains, peaks and second longer glacier in the Karakurum Range, with its wonderful people and culture and  the one of the Wildlife sanctuary in the region.

This piece of land becomes a wildlife habitat and community is very much attracted towards the beauty of nature while they love to explore the flora and fauna of the region curiously.

One interesting incident took place on 27th Nov, 2017 when Javed Akhter lost his cow somewhere in the forest and after two days search out he found the dead body of his cow while following the movement of a Magpie bird which usually moves around dead bodies in the forest. Being a member and game watcher of Passu Conservation Committee and also a hunter by birth he got the clue that the cow is hit by a SNOWLEOPARD few hours ago.

Luckily he has the equipments and tools of a game watcher with him at home, so without any second thought he brought the camera and fixed it on 29th Nov, 2017 at 13:15pm near the dead cow and went home. After a gap of two days he went to observe the status of Camera in the forest today and it was simply amazing and exciting to see that the movement of Snow leopard and other scavengers were fantastically captured there.

The activities took place like this;

Date Time Event/Activities Snaps


29/11/2017 13:15pm Camera Fixed
14:20pm A Magpie moves and snap captured
17:58pm Snow leopard snaps captured in the darkness and the eating activity took more than hours and around six hundred snaps for each movement of the snow leopard here.
22:46pm Snow leopard left the spot
23:47pm A fox appeared after the departure of Snow leopard and again hundreds of snaps for each movement here too
30/11/2017 4:22AM  Two foxes again appeared as a scavenger to proceed there delighted feast.
8:00AM Morning time while Magpie and Snow leopard appeared again for the breakfast
8:16AM The snow leopard moved from the spot looking towards camera. The closer snap shows that the Snow leopard has an effected right eye as well, most probably weak eye sight of an eye is observed here.
11:35AM  More Magpies and Fox activities were captured through the fixed camera and finally Javed Akhtar reached the spot at 14:11PM
14:11PM Javed Akhtar reached to observe the camera status and got delighted with remarkable captures.

Thumbs up Javed…!!!

Many decades ago the community here used to protect their livestock and if found any such incidents the first priority was to poison the dead animals so that the hunters(Snow Leopard, Foxes, Wolves etc) will get the life punishment. but after the awareness and capacity building through Conservation concepts the community started to love the Wildlife and Natural Resources now.

Although Snow leopard kills the community livestock each year in the Passu Conservation area but people still bear the burden patiently and Javed Akhter’s true story is really an example for the love of nature, flora and fauna with their habitats.

Passu Conservation Committee invites all interest groups in the Passu Conservation area to have an experience of live views/watches of the wildlife here and we also welcome the researchers to visit the Batura Valley which is a very viable area for the wildlife researchers and nature lovers.

Bravo! Javed Akhtar for having such wonderful interest and remarkable snaps here and thumbs up! Passu Conservation Committee and Passu Community for protecting the rare wildlife in the mountains.



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