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Advocate  Shokoor Khan

Mehboob Ali, an advocate and D.J. Mathal a prominent journalist of Gilgit Baltistan have been charged under sedition sections of Pakistan Penal Code as well as Anti Terrorism Act. Both are behind the bars since 2016 along with other activists and freedom seekers of the region. Their bail petitions have been turned down by Anti Terrorism Court, chief court and Supreme Appellate Court of GB.
What is the logic behind, that non citizens of  Pakistan  have been declared  traitors under a Pakistani sedition law?
Are they registered citizens as permanent settlers of territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan where Pakistani laws apply  on its  own citizens under the umbrella of its constitution 1973.The answer is no. they are not citizens of Pakistan.
Of course, both are citizens of Gilgit Baltistan being permanent settlers and domicile holders of district Ghizer, the vicinity, no doubt, situated in Gilgit Baltistan.
Gilgit Baltistan is neither part of India nor Pakistan rather a declared dispute territory through resolutions of United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) .Those resolutions have been agreed, accepted and signed by both the countries, as its signatories. It is Pakistan’s stance before Security Council of United Nation that Gilgit Baltistan is not and never its part, but a dispute region, its status yet to be decided.  As such, GB is beyond the ambit and jurisdiction of constitution of Pakistan.
The members of senate, national assembly, provincial assemblies, renowned politicians, ex-presidents, prime ministers, high courts and supreme court of Pakistan are unanimously at the agreement that GB is not a part and never been part of Pakisan.
People of GB neither acceded nor signed treaty with the state of Pakistan to support its de-facto control over their region, rather Pakistani officials, military men and civilians gradually infiltrated into the region and took its control illegally of the whole region. The same act was   a violation of UNCIP resolutions whereby Pakistan had agreed upon to withdraw its all citizens and military within three months from dispute region.
The circumstances   afore mentioned shows clearly that Gilgit Baltistan is not Pakistan and vice versa. Hence, If GBians non-citizens then no traitors.
A question herby arises that advocate Mehboob Ali and journalist D.J. Mathal be considered as traitors of Gilgit Baltistan? The answer is no and never, because their life struggle for rights of their deprived native people and their protests against the atrocities of Pakistani occupied regime against GB people is indeed, a well known fact in the history of Gilgit Baltistan, hence, no need to further prove.
It is needless to say that both the accused are not traitors against their mother land and in the eyes of their own natives.
If Pakistan never accepts GBians as its citizens then why use to coercive measures against GB citizens declaring them so-called traitors, why including their names in notorious schedule-iv of its own Ani Terrorism Act which is not an Act of Gilgit Baltistan, why  ban on their freedom of speech and movement through strict surveillance  by pakistani security agencies,  why physically torturing   the non citizens  compelling them to say “Pakistan zinda bad”. Why registering baseless fake criminal cases just compel them to give up their justifiable political demands, such as right of ownership on their own lands, right of self rule on their region and right of self-determination as well as freedom.
Now, here is another issue to be considered, that how to apply a section of terrorism Act, on an accused person?  In this case, an allegation of commission   of heinous crime must exist, such as,  offences of aggravating nature  which must create  terror at large in the society i.e. genocide,  massacre, dacoits with multiple murder, gang rape and like gruesome and brutal acts.
There is no complaint against aforementioned advocate and journalist to accuse them committing even a pity nature of crime neither previous criminal record has been founded against. The so-called sections of terror how could attract against those who terrorize no one but love every one.
Long story short, it is a biased policy of colonial masters to using state apparatus to silent the voices of the slaves of the only colony of 21st century on   planet, just to prolong their illegal occupation on the United Nations declared dispute region.
The occupation regime must to adhere that it is not early or mid ninety, now people of Gilgit Baltistan are well educated and well aware regarding rights and duties and have capacity to recognize friend and foe.

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