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We would like to extend our humble gratitude from our hearts to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ismaili community from preparation of the Deedargah to successful completion of the Deedar Mubarak of Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam.
We thank you all deep down from our hearts for supporting the community in various aspects, for providing transportation to to serving food and drinks to the community, from displaying welcomming banners to lightnings and contributing your knowledge and time.
To the people of Nagar, thank you for sacrificing your electricity and staying in dark to make it possible for their brothers and sisters of Hunza to fully celebrate this auspicious occasion without any electricity shortage.
Thank you so much the people of Al Sunnat community of Ghizar and Chitral for your time and resources, for sheltering your Ismaili brothers and sisters in your homes.
A humble thank you once again to the Shia and Al Sunnat communities of Gilgit Baltistan for spreading the message of peace, love and harmony across the region, thank you!
We thank you all the journalists, activists, writers, social media activists, facebook page admins, social workers, students, teachers for your every single word of love, peace and brotherhood, you expressed at different forums.
To all the respected religious scholars and leaders your every single word have touched every single hearts of not only the Ismailis but of each and every people of Gilgit Baltistan. You have set an exemplary precedence of humanity, brotherhood, harmony, peace, love and unity, which is the true spirit of Islam.
The government, security agencies, political parties and leaders of Pakistan and especially of Gilgit-Baltistan we can only say thank you so very much for your efforts, hard work, time, resources, knowledge that you put forward to make this Mubarak moment possible for all of us, thank you! thank you!
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