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On PYSO call a fruitfull meeting was arranged with AC-Hunza and Magistrate Gulmit at Glacier Breeze Restaurant today where Passu youth and community showed their almost concern on Pathetic condition of Electricity in Gojal while addressing the major issues with AC, Magistrate and their team.

President Passu Youth Ali Hassan welcome the AC and their team and Youth activist Asif Sakhi gave briefing about the issues in the region and the factors urged Passu Community to protest against the failure of local management.

Few issues and demands presented before the team are as follow.

1- Changing of the Schedule of electricity breakdown in the region.

2-Investigation of Misghar electricity Powerhouse project- Factors of its delay and failure.

3- Relocating of electricity polls from the village. ( Jamat Khan, School and many homes are under threat due to electricity wires crossing from the rooftop).

4- Request to disconnect special lines given to hotels. Demanded to provide special lines to hospital, schools and community center, instead.

5- Requested for DSL internet connection and etc Mr Ali Qurban, Faqir Ullah Khan and Ahmed Karim represented Passu Development Organization and discuss few main issues of the village.

Thoroughly discussed about the land affectees of KKH. Magistrate Nalima Amir try to answer the questions raised by the community members.

AC Hunza appreciated the effort of youth for organizing public gathering and said this is the only approach to resolve issues. Participants of the gathering also appreciated the youth and said this is great to see youth working for the common interest of the community.

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  1. maryeum rehmat

    Electricity crisis is a major problem in Passu. it should be addressed in a very efficient manner to solve it as soon as possible . A Sudden halt of power supply create a great disturbance in day to day activities of the locals.

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