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The proper implementation of CPEC projects in Pakistan have stood the test of time, the optimistic view of citizen are seen in everywhere that in near future CPEC will lead Pakistan toward progress and prosperity. This is no doubt a dream to change Pakistan map globally.  Countries which are in favor of Pakistan look toward it a life line and game changer, in the other side those countries which have no good will or self-interest busy to make it not successful. It is confronted with a number of grave external and internal threats i.e. America, India, Afghanistan and Israel are not in favor of CPEC to maintain their hold on Asian markets and not want to let Pakistan to come up to the marks.   At the current scenario the grave threats of extremism and terrorism in Baluchistan, to raise Baloch separatist to slogan against Pakistan in the foreign countries. All these tactics are behind to declare CPEC failed in the region.

The future prospect of CPEC is going to set a paradigm shift in Pakistan to broaden the view of holistic development.  The target which is already set for CPEC is off course one of the most congenial struggle and noble effort to make Pakistan an Asian tiger. To curb the issues of economic disparity the first target of CPEC is    connecting routes from china to Pakistan, from Karachi to Chitral, Gilgit to Baluchistan. It can improve the condition of routes, enhance railways, aviation system, telecommunication system, motorways, ports development, dams etc.  The second target is to eradicate energy crisis, Pakistan is severely suffering of energy crisis due to which the factory and industry sectors are not working smoothly. CPEC launch hydro, wind, coal and solar plants in overall country. Third target of CPEC is to promote carrier opportunities, poverty is curse, it is the mother of all social ills i.e. lawlessness, disputes, terrorism and extremism are caused because of poverty so when CPEC is implemented successfully then it can meet joblessness, create more job opportunities to meet unemployment . Fifth target of CPEC is promotion of tourism, Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty, beautiful mountain peaks, natural lakes, glaciers, endangered species etc. Till yet Pakistan has not been able to give them global exposure due to its poor infrastructure, terrorism and lack of such facilities to the foreign tourists. Fifths importance of CPEC is to stabilize Pak china friendship, now China is a rapidly emerging economy and future super power, due to the close friendship rest of the countries can not threaten Pakistan anymore and the menace of terrorism can be eradicated easily.

To sum up all these benefits and remarkable significance of CPEC, there are certain repercussion which may not have any worse effect on Pakistan geographically and ecologically, it is the crying need of the hour to think about the risk to natural resources, biodiversity, glaciers melting, over manipulation and exploitation of Pakistani soil. These are the question to be answered by the time in future.  Hope all the best for the successful completion of CPEC..

Published in Passu Times English Dated 31st December, 2017


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