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“Mama Mama don’t send me alone the badass will me” It make me in pensive when I heard about Zainab a 6 years old girl, a daughter from my soil, from my nation who even can’t distinguish between man and woman, who just step in into cruel world where every second eye is thirsty of her virginity, where harassment is just like a joke and sin is pride.

Rape a baby girl and brutal killing after such a shameful act to conceal this unforgivable sin is really prone for whole nation. I don’t navigate words to express my fierce and to condemn this brutal act but I will surely confess that evil exist. It’s really afflict for me to think that how much she crave for her life, how unnatural the moment was when she was raped and how evil the person was who raped. Millions of people are united for her justice we all attended strike it’s really a good thing to pay her homage and confess our unity but just strikes are enough? Is our girls get escort because of strikes? Can they move independently without a fear of been rape or of harassment? Indeed we have to rekindle humanity;

sky palpable sermons are no enough to bring changes we have to be practical. Let’s change our thinking, let’s join hands and stand altogether to abolish rapes.

Published in Passu Times English dated 11 January, 2018

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