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Though there are many perceptions about ST Valentine’s Day. Some consider it to be wrong because of Lupercalia while other greet with open hands. By the way according to Wikipedia ST Valentine’s Day is changed from the saint’s day, for a Christian martyr to a special day for lovers. Society’s focus went from executors by arrows to an arrow the heart, along with cards, candies and flowers. And approximately 150 million cards are exchanged annually on this day.

I am not in against of celebrating valentine’s day but today I vowed to confess what’s the logic that awash valentine’s day. Indeed love at first sight exist! It exists because when your mom saw your face first time in a cradle on your birth she fell in love with you, she fed you, she nurtured you, she sacrificed her nights for your comfortable and luxurious sleep this is indeed love at first sight. But when it’s our turn to owe her ardor, food and comfort we fist! We tremble suddenly over her needs we give lame excuses for not having a single penny. And when it’s about 14 Feb doesn’t know how our credit cards become full of money to buy expensive teddy bears, chocolates and to date our valentine! Isn’t absurd? Aren’t we rough? Likewise, Father who sacrifices his life for betterment of his children. It is serene that he didn’t care of his comfort when its matter of his children! Have we ever thought about him on 14 Feb? Did we ever confess that “Dad I love you”! There is about thousands of beggars in our town who crave for food, have we ever gifted then chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Have we ever hugged a sweeper and thank him for his work? Solemnly are you are in love with your valentine! Then why you afraid to meet him/her with your parents instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day miles away from your home! True love doesn’t need gifts its divine! It just needs honesty, sincerity, ardour and a single hug that isn’t scant to insure that you really love them.

At last, is it only 14 Feb to disguise and to show our ardour and cherish? Is Valentine’s Day is only about famine? Can we save someone’s life and rekindle happiness with the money instead of Teddy bears and chocolates for our valentine. Hang on! Please reckon for a second. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with family, friends and those who are serving for our society and show them that we really love them and we really need them and respect them. Let’s make something different this Valentine’s Day.

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