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Sardar Mohsin Abbassi Shining image of Pakistan Real Leaders always rule on hearts. Leaders are the one which beliefs on humanity. Contesting election and get the position in Parliament doesn’t define the level of leadership.

In Pakistan Leadership revolves around statuesque. They don’t bother to listen the sentiments of a common man. The word leaders is not confined or limited to a certain party. Real leaders are the combine asset of all regardless of political affiliation. In Pakistan number of political stunt mans considered themselves as big leaders & people follow them by interest. I have seen hundreds of such stunt mans which they claim as leaders. I have analysed many politicians from three Major parties but saw very few politicians which really deserve a great leader ,a great human being and real gentle man . The man is called Sardar Mohsin abbassi.

He worked for the voiceless people of Palestine. He raised the real issues which they are facing. He raised the voice for the suppress community of Burma. By considering his devoted capabilities World Muslim organization had assigned the task as Gen Secretary World Muslim organization Leading 52 countries. Despite of having high class profile he is highly humble & down to earth personality. He gives regard to the voiceless people. His honesty and Angel characteristic compels me to share some of the chapters about his personality.

Now its the time needed constitution to support such true personalities. Its need of the day. Pakistan is direly needed to see such politicians in assembly or in senate. Now new faces can best serve the youth of Pakistan. The intellectual personalities like Sardar Mohsin Abbassi are the green and shinning of Pakistan

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