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Gilgit : The World Wildlife day was celebrated jointly By Snow leopard Foundation – Pakistan and World wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan in the Nature club D.J Community High school Khudaabad as Wildlife week. The week was facilitated by Snow Leopard Foundation, Gilgit office and World wide Fund for Nature, Gilgit office in coordination with Parks and wildlife, Livestock & Dairy development, Departments District Hunza and Khudabad social welfare and conservation organization. Mr. Saeed Abbas, Regional Head WWF graced the occasion as a Chief Guest while, Mr. Muhammad Ameen, Khudabad Conservation and Development Organization presided over the event which was attended by students, teachers, and reps of the school management committee and elites of the community.

The Snow Leopard Foundation- Pakistan had organized the poster drawing competition among Nature club schools at national level during which two students stood in first and 2nd positions of the Khudabad (Gojal Hunza) school and their posters were presented to the ambassadors of Kerghyztan and Narvey at Islamabad embassies by Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz, Director, Snow Leopard Foundation-Pakistan. The framed pictures of drawings with names of students were presented to the  students as memorials in the occasion.

Mr. Muhammad Wali Khan, Conservation Officer, Snow leopard foundation introducing the day said that United nation’s General assembly proclaimed 3 March the day of signature of Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna as world wildlife day to celebrate and raise awareness and world’s wild animal and plants. He added that Wildlife day has now become the important global annual event dedicated to wildlife. The theme of the day “ Big cats: predators under threat”  among big cats there are two species Snow leopard and common leopard are found in Pakistan. The felt threats for snow leopard are poaching; lose of habitat and prey and human- carnivore conflict. He added that the mountain communities are responsible to act for providing peace to wildlife found in the area. Under the umbrella of conservation make possible the livelihood development.

The students of the nature club delivered the speeches on the importance of wildlife and role of youth in conservation of Snow leopards to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to both wildlife and people.

Mr. Muhammad Ameen, president Khudabad conservation and development organization speaking on behalf of the communities focused on importance of conservation of snow leopard specifically and wildlife generally and urge to keep lean the human habitation (Locality).

Mr. Saeed Abbas, Head WWF, GB in his speech thanked the school administration, teachers, school children and SLF for arranging such a nice event and highlighting the importance of conservation of wildlife with focus of snow leopard as the theme of day encircles. This Day calls for sustainable management of our precious natural resources and securing a future where humans live in harmony with nature, he added. The Chair in his address emphasized on fostering the wildlife conservation agenda for the sustainable development of the deprived mountain communities and coping up with the emerging environmental challenges such as the climate change.

The prizes and shields distributed among the participants.

Mr. Muhammad Younus, thanked the participants for being in the event and the event was ended with an awareness walk by participants to the local market area holding banners and play cards related to the importance of predators for the ecosystem.
















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