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Hunza : Press Release

100 KM Tribute Walk by 78 years old Mr. Ali Rehber of Hunza Valley

After 40 years; thanks giving gesture from 78 years old resident of village Khyber Hunza Valley to Chines doctors who saved his life and enable him to live a healthy life.

Mr. Ali Rehber resident of village Khyber had became almost paralyzed due to undiagnosed severe pain in his legs. As there was not any concept of hospital and no health facility was available in this remotest valley. People use traditional methods to treat diseases. In case of Mr. Ali Rehber the disease was undiagnosed and the local methods were all applied in this case but instead of relieving his pain; his condition was further worsened and he was nearly dying when the Red Army of China setup a field hospital in village passu during construction of the Karakorum Highway. He was hospitalized immediately in this facility and was treated by the Chinese doctors and Mr. Ali Rehber became fully healthy after 2 month treatment.

After becoming healthy 40 years ago Mr. Rehber never faced any health issue and is fit and healthy till this day.

As a gesture of thanking the doctors by walking 100 KM from his home town Khyber Gojal Hunza, Mr. Ali Rehber will start his walk on March 21, 2018 at 7:30 AM and will reach the District Head Quarters Aliabad on March 23, 2018.

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