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HUNZA: A team of experts constituted by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has visited the Khurdopin Glacier, Shamshal Valley today to observe the situation on the site, reported Radio Pakistan.

In a meeting last week chaired by Chairman NDMA Lt. General Omar Mahmood Hayat, it was decided that Team of Experts would visit Shimshal Valley and submit the report to the Chairman NDMA by early next month.

The Khurdopin Glacier situated in Shimshal Valley of district Hunza has a history of surging, retreating and bursting with a cycle of 20 years.

As per experts report, the glacier has progressed quite abnormally and has completely blocked the Shimshal River resulting in creation of a Glacial Lake.

On the basis of observation taken, the team of experts would submit its recommendations and necessary remedial measures to cope up with the brewing calamity.


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