SHIMSHAL – GOJAL : More than 800 Yaks trapped at [Northeastern Pak (GB)-China border] Sherlik pasture in Shimshal Pamir area | Passu Times English

SHIMSHAL : by Zulfiqar Shamhali
More than 800 Yaks trapped on the northeastern Pak-China border Sherlik pasture in Shimshal Pamir area. Due to Pak-China friendship the Chinese are open to move in Pakistan but mountain people in Shimshal Pamir are not allowed to use the pasture lands for grazing to their livestock particularly for the King of Mountains “YAK ” which is rarely found downstream in abundance.

Even two shepherds were captured few months ago by Chinese boarder authorities whom were released latter but people still are suffering with inconveniences and repeated resistance from Chinese here. Most of the people in Shimshal [Gojal, district Hunza] Valley are mainly dependent on their herds of Sheep, Goats and Yaks for their livelihoods.

The Government departments needs to resolve the issue as there is a chance of river outburst in summer at Sherlik Pasture near Shimshal Pamir. Usually in April the water level reaches at its height at Sherlik where still more then 800 Yaks are stucked and are at the verge of Pak-China diplomacy.

The issue had been discussed with Commissioner GB already but still the relevant departments are not looking at the matter seriously. (Reported by: Zulfiqar from #Shimshal #Gojal #Hunza #Gilgit#Baltistan#passutimes #pamirtimes

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