All Gojal committee for collective development forms

Press release

GOLSON (Gojal Local Support Organization Network) conducted all Gojal social and political representatives’ forum on 22nd April 2018 in Gulmit, the main objective of the platform was to identify Gojal regional challenges and issues with larger spectrum.  During the brainstorming session the participants identified some major issues which are long pending commitments by the elected representatives and incomplete projects. In the meeting a committee is formed in the name of “All Gojal committee for collective development” to address the issues and challenges through close coordination with government departments.

Name of members

  • Mr, Muhammad Tahir advocate
  • Mr, Alwais Muhammad Aslam
  • Mr, Hajat Muhammad
  • Mr, Karim Ullah Khan
  • Mr, Najeeb Ullah Khan
  • Mr, Ali Quraban
  • Mr, Asif Sakhi
  • Mr, Rehan Shah

Major challenges to address on top priorities are

  1. Resolve longest pending land compensation of KKH.
  2. To keep coordination with chief minister to notify Gojal as sub-division.
  3. Gojal land acquisition proposal (which strongly rejected by the forum).
  4. To accelerate electricity generation projects in the region.
  5. Follow-up the chief minister development projects; which are announced his recent visit Gulmit, Gojal

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