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Furqan Ali

I was wandering on social media, scrolling timeline then I noticed a hash tag “boycott Muree “ and I spot it after every second post. Why I opt to write on, why I want to natter on tourism sector? I inquire myself when I searched on Muree issue I got a report from private TV channel he was highlighting the reasons why this boycott is for and why Muree is facings crisis nowadays, those reasons was not shocking for me, the thing that shocked me was word Hunza. It was a proud moment for me when he was revealing about Hunza the way he acclaimed Hunza for her beauty and morality and rap knuckles about their playfulness. Hunza is famous for her frosty temperature and blazing welcoming behaviour which fascinates people from miles. From last 4 years Gilgit-Baltistan is a main hub of tourism although it is from the very beginning for international tourism but in past years we are having myriad local tourists. Increase in tourism mean increase in income and which is directly proportional to prosperity which is a blessing for every citizen. It is natural phenomena that greed follows prosperity and it ruined many realms. There are some factors on which we have to work on to maintain our identity and prestige. As per tradition we have to welcome tourists with open hearts and have to respect them. Hotels should have to charge them properly and have to provide good services. It’s also responsibility of shopkeeper to deal them with a hug smile and there should not any illicit charges from them. These are some minor but momentous factors which every tourist wants and we are having just we have to follow them until everyone confesses #vist_Hunza. Hope for a terrific tourist season a head and welcome to all tourists.

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