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Misbah Uddin Khawaja

       Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great while reading this article on your smart phones or laptops. Maybe you’re already done with your shopping to show yourself attractive to others during your summer vacation. Most possibly, you might have packed your rolling bags filled with gifts and sweets to your loved ones and siblings. Most of you people might have downloaded new jazz and hip-hop songs in your cell phones to avoid the nasty collection of songs in bus, and kept some books in your side pockets of bag too.

         Few of you might have plans to explore the nature of Gilgit-Baltistan by arranging different picnics and trips with your friends and family to watch the nature very deeply yet nearer. A bunch of you people again may have plans to go for swimming in streams that flow ice-freezing water coming down from beautiful mountains while thinking to engage yourselves in fishing too, to taste the appetizing taste of trout fish, I mean the tasty one, NOT KIDDING. Similarly, you may be excited to eat different delicious fruits with your daily eating menu at home, where you’ll make out cherry polishing your teeth and lips with red and black color, where you’ll feel the juicy dribbles of peaches making your mouth sweetly diluted, concurrently you’ll be excited to feel the splinters of apricots in your mouth whilst closing your eyes abruptly soon after tasting the sourly cloves of pomegranates in your mouth.

        Likewise, nearly everyone of you may have brushed your teeth to hurl out the particles of urban food and now getting your taste buds ready to tang the amazing traditional food of Gilgit-Baltistan. Like, fitty in breakfast with local butter, and sipping strong tea brewed up in milk of healthy goats, at the same time listening to birds’ melodious voices singing songs and letting morning fresh air kiss you. When things like these merge together, they give us the ultimate thrill and pleasure of life where we start praising our lives and cherish every moment we are in, and wishing to be in this time forever.

        But, before going for mentioned resolutions personally, can we promise with ourselves to give back something even in smaller scale to the society instead of engaging ourselves in activities that end with individual’s interests later on?  If you node YES, then it’s great! Let’s lock up our cell phones in a cupboard and avoid extra light coming out from screens that is beating our eye’s pulses till they become lethal. Let’s sit with the family and talk about life fostering everyone’s stances. Let’s collectively start helping those who are in dire need of it, let’s sit with senior citizens and appreciate their existence while hearing unheard stories from them. Let’s respect those people who are differently able and try to share something with them that will let go their cheeks up to eyes.

        Let’s meet and greet those people with whom we have bad relations and try to negotiate with them till it turns to a hug. Let’s share a cup of tea with those who can’t afford one. Let’s grow a plant that will make very sure a good climate in future. Let’s start tutoring public school students and help them with their home works without expecting any single penny in reward. Let’s help our mothers and sisters in domestic activities and give them a break while we’re on vacation. Let’s communally collect the garbage and litter from our streets and put them in dustbins. Let’s keep infants in our laps and sing lullabies for them. Let’s keep a bowl of cold water on our roofs for birds that will quench their thirst in scorching. Let’s render our services voluntarily for those who need them, let’s become a reason of someone’s smile together. Let’s start taking care of our environment that is getting polluted every single day. Let’s guide those people who yet have to start their lives. Let’s share our experiences and try to come up with an optimistic outcome. Let’s hug those who are suffering with contemporary dilemmas, let’s become a source of hope for someone. Let’s take someone to uphill and listen their sufferings while making sure himself a person who is here for a reason. Let’s discourage those who’re giving up on life. Let’s try to engage those people in fruitful activities that are addicted to narcotics and drugs. Thus, we will for sure have a happy life if we convert this “LET’S” to “DONE.”

         Consequently, we’re blessed to live in a life that is making our existence beautiful on this Earth. The reason behind our existence is that we’ve to live for others, we’ve to share what we care, and we’ve to respect everyone around us. We have to love our planet and have to give something to Earth that won’t harm it in coming years and it will be Earth friendly. This thing will encourage humbleness in our personalities which will later on make us able to help people around us. We’re born to share smiles, love people around us and respect everyone’s existence. Life is also all about living the moments with a smiling face to make it a great experience of our lives. And, most importantly, we’ve to live for others and a cause that will brighten the future of coming generation. Otherwise, if we were meant to live for ourselves, we could not be born in population of millions and pairs, we could come to this world one by one, but nah, we have to live for others, cherish everyone around us and have to try NOT to hurt anybody living with us. Try following the mentioned resolutions in your upcoming vacation, and show yourself as a person which is sent to this world for a noble cause. Wishing you amazing holidays with your family ahead, keep sharing love and smiles. Value your existence and love this planet. God bless!

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