World environment day celebrates in Hunza district

Nature has blessed Hunza valley with breath-taking beauty with snow clad lofty mountains, glaciers, lush green meadows, terraced fields, fruit bearing trees and wide range of some of  world’s rare species.

Unfortunately owing to the increased urbanization and huge influx of domestic tourists in Hunza District the use of plastic bag is at sublime that ultimately creates havoc to the pollution free environment of Hunza valley. Furthermore, other problems plastic has created are such as crowded landfills, water contamination and river debris. Plastic is not biodegradable and it can take 400 to 1000 years to decompose or break down in environment. And in reality most plastic does not ever disappear, but becomes long-lasting ‘plastic dust’. When items like plastic bags break down, they readily soak up and release toxins which contaminate soil and water, as well as harming animals that ingest plastic fragments.

For that reason Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO), civil society organizations, social activists and institutions have celebrated world environment in first week of June 2018 with zeal and devotion to retain the clean environment. Local men and women volunteers, girl guides, boy scouts and business community organized Hunza cleaning day on 3rd June 2018; they picked-up all discarded plastic bottles, shopping bags and other garbage from streets ,neighbourhoods, villages, public places, roads and commercial places. During Hunza cleaning day different stakeholders expressed their gratitude for creating awareness among masses to protect our mother nature.

On the same day different educational institutions, WWF, Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Gilgit-Baltistan, Hashoo Foundation, Serena Hunza and barzar association launched relies in Karimabad and Altit;  whereas in Aliabad district headquarter private and public educational institution’s  celebrated “world environment day” in their respective educational institution because of some emerging issues between local people and district administration over land grabbing. 

On environment day different speakers express their reflective speeches to retain the clean and pollution free environment of Hunza. Some of the participants expressed their deep concerns over dormant attitude of local government (municipality) which failed to mobilize their machinery to dispose-off heaps of Garbage along roadside even on World Environment Day.

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