ISLAMABAD: BNSO Condemn arrest of Action Committee Leader. Sher Nadir Shahi

Islamabad: (Press Release)
Balawaristan National Students organization (BNSO) leader Sher Nadir Shahi said that BNSO condemn arrest of Awami Action Committee Leader Ghulam Shehzad agha today in the morning.
“Ghulam Shehzad Agha is a strong voice of oppressed nation of Pakistan Administered Gilgit Baltistan. He was active in anti-land grabbing movement against establishment and also active in Anti-tax movement”
Shahi said.
Gilgit Baltistan is becoming hell for peacefull political activists of the region. There are hundreds of political activists facing false sedition charges of Anti-terrorism Act and Shedule-iv while dozens of political workers are imprison for many years including baba jan, Dee Jay Mathal, Qayum khan, iftikhar, Safdar Ali and others.
“Pakistan should stop political victimization of peaceful activists of UN declaired diputed region Gilgit Baltistan. Peaceful struggle is our basic right which is givem by United Nation.”
Shahi added.
BNSO leader also demanded to immediate release of all peaceful activists of Pakistan administered Gilgit Baltistan and withdraw sediton charges of ATA and Shedule-four.

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